Machine Learning Engineer, Researcher, Data Scientist have the highest job satisfaction

Data Scientist have the highest job satisfaction

Results from the Kaggle State of information Science and Machine Learning survey of data professionals discovered that job satisfaction varies wide across job titles.

Data professionals who admitted to the best level of job satisfaction were in Artificial Intelligence related domains as: 1) Machine Learning Engineers, 2) Data Scientists and 3) Predictive Modellers.

Data professionals who reported the bottom level of job satisfaction were: 1) Engineers, 2) DBA/Database Engineers and 3) Programmers.

A survey in August 2017 of over 16,000 data professionals was conducted as follows:
Their survey enclosed a spread of questions on knowledge science, machine learning, education and other specifics.

Data Scientist have the highest job satisfaction
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Several within the data science community have analyzed the raw survey information.

This post explores the distinction among knowledge professionals on their level of job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction may be a helpful metric to check in business, typically to monitor and manage worker relationships.
There is abundant proof supporting the utility of exploring job satisfaction as a method to manage your business.

Employees who are glad about their job, conjointly perform higher on the work and can seemingly continue the duty more efficiently, when compared to workers who are discontented with their jobs.

Satisfied workers deliver a much better expertise to their customers compared to discontented workers, ultimately raising alternative structure outcomes like productivity and profit.

The independent survey asked respondents to point their job title from a listing of fifteen completely different job titles, together with data scientist, computer scientist, Machine Learning Engineer and programmer.

The survey conjointly asked respondents their level of job satisfaction – ten, however glad are you at your current job?”

Results showed that data professionals are glad about their current job.

It found that 75% of the respondents indicated they were glad.

Nearly one out of five data professionals indicated that they were extremely happy with their job.

A quarter of the information professionals mentioned they were discontented with their current job.
Results showed that job satisfaction varied considerably across job titles.

Data professionals who self-identified as Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists and predictive Modelers reported the best level of job satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence and its subdomains such as Machine Learning are making their way into Kolkata faster than we know.

Programmers, information engineers and engineers reported an all-time low level of satisfaction.
These study findings showed low levels of job satisfaction in job roles that emphasize technology/programming skills. On the other hand, jobs with high levels of satisfaction seem to emphasise math/statistics skills.

Perhaps variations in job activities are to be blamed for variations in job satisfaction. The bottom line is – If you want to be happy in your job, choose wisely!



Data professionals who self-identified as Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists and Predictive Modelers reported the highest level of job satisfaction probably because of variation in job activities and the emphasise on math and statistics.




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