New Opportunities Continue To Emerge For Data Scientists In India

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If you do not have a data scientist on your team already, chances are high that you may need one shortly.
According to a recent India Jobs study, data science is the fastest-growing field in India. As each company turns into a technology company, organizations and industries like manufacturing, healthcare and retail are all wanting to strengthen their data groups. India is rising as one of the world’s largest data science capitals, with corporations like Mercedes-Benz, Walmart, PayPal, Axtria, Flipkart and AIG setting up data science centres in the country. Analysis from the Everest group shows that India holds between thirty-five % and fifty % of the worldwide analytics services market.

The number of analytics jobs nearly doubled from April 2016 to April 2017, and there are virtually 50,000 analytics and data jobs presently open within the country. Hiring corporations are searching for folks experienced in tools like R, Python and Hadoop.

How can Indian corporations realize the talent to fill this demand for data? What challenges do hiring managers face? And how will corporations re-skill and up-skill their current staff to fill the demand?

Keeping Pace with rising skills

While there is a battalion of IT staff in India, several have to be compelled to be schooled new skills in rising tools like R and Python. The Indian IT trade association expects that nearly five-hundredths of the IT force ought to learn these new technologies to avoid turning into redundant.

Even if firms will hire the information talent they need to procure, responding to the information crunch can take a lot more than simply rapid hiring. Adapting to an era of data-driven higher cognitive process is not an easy proposition. Some corporations are endowed heavily with technology, but haven’t modified their organizations to ensure maximum profits from those investments. Several are working hard to develop the talent, business processes, and structural muscle to capture real worth from analytics.

Leveraging online Learning to Keep Up

At AILABS, Kolkata, we have seen enterprise customers in India seek out data science training for groups. One of the most popular paths is the data Science Certification, a Nano Degree programme to data science courses created by leading professors and professionals. The course pairs a conceptual introduction to the ideas behind data science with a practical introduction to important tools like version control, markdown, git, GitHub, R, and RStudio.

Data Science is a broad field and needs folks with totally different talent sets and focus areas.

Preparing for the longer term of data Science in India

Training a whole force of IT talent on the talents of tomorrow will require joint efforts from organizations and people. Businesses will have to be compelled to train and hire not only for today’s needs but for the requirements of the longer term. Whereas coaching a brand new generation and keeping up with emerging tools could be a challenge, data science has the potential to become a key engine of economic growth in India over the subsequent decade.



India is emerging as a data science capital. Data science jobs have grown in India like never before. MNC’s are setting up Data Science offices in India.
This calls for mass hiring and also a mass skill up. Data Science can singly be the key to India’s economic growth over the next decade.




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