Empowering your business with AI

Transforming non-AI enterprises into AI-driven success stories.

Why should you leverage AI in your business?

AI is transformative

In a data-driven world, Artificial Intelligence stands as the transformative force behind cutting-edge business strategies and operational excellence.

Improved Efficiency

Accelerate your business operations. AI-driven processes can handle tasks in seconds that would take humans hours.

Data-Driven Decisions

Harness the power of your data. AI transforms raw data into meaningful patterns, guiding your decisions with precision.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver exceptional customer journeys. AI's predictive analytics tailors experiences, anticipating and meeting your customer's desires.

Cost Savings

Optimize your bottom line. AI's smart automation and analytics reduce operational costs and wastage.

Scalability and Flexibility

Grow with confidence. Orchestration ensures your AI solutions are both scalable for tomorrow's demands and flexible to evolving business needs.


Insight at First Sight

Where Computer Vision Meets AI Orchestration

Unlock the future of data processing with Ergasio, the visual orchestration platform designed to seamlessly integrate with any Large Language Model (LLM). 

Empower your projects with real-time insights from computer vision and sensor data, all through an intuitive AI-driven platform. Transform complexity into clarity and make smarter, faster decisions with Ergasio.
  • Real-Time Object Detection: Capture and analyze data in the blink of an eye, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Visual Data Orchestration: Navigate complex data streams with a user-friendly visual interface.
  • Adaptable Across Industries: Whether it’s healthcare, manufacturing, or automotive, Ergasio is your solution.
  • Sensor Data Mastery: Harness the potential of real-time sensor data for in-depth, actionable insights.
  • Scalable Solutions: Grow your capabilities as your needs expand, without missing a beat.
  • Cutting-Edge AI Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest in AI orchestration, making every decision count.
Strategies That Work

Democratizing AI with Ergasio

Managing and developing AI applications can tether businesses to third-party consultants and their intricate code. Using the AI orchestration tool Ergasio, we shift the narrative: instead of wading through dense code, businesses benefit from an intuitive, transparent AI workflow interface.

This clarity not only simplifies AI operations but also empowers organizations to adapt and manage their systems without constant external intervention.

With Ergasio, you're in control, minimizing complexities and maximizing adaptability.

Workflow Orchestration with Ergasio

Ergasio is an AI orchestration platform

  • Real-Time Data Insights
    Visualize and monitor live data flows between AI systems, providing immediate clarity on operational performance and data transfer.
  • Seamless Integrations
    Easily connect with custom components and harness external data through REST endpoints, making AI application integration a breeze.
  • Empower Decision Makers
    Equip business and decision managers with direct control over AI processes, fostering informed decision-making without technical roadblocks
  • Bridge the Tech Gap
    Enable traditionally non-tech-savvy businesses to confidently manage, adjust, and optimize AI-driven operations.
  • Enhanced Transparency
    Ergasio offers a clear, graphical representation of AI operations, promoting trust and understanding throughout the organization.

Navigating Your AI Journey with Switch2ai: A Guided Process​

  • Personal Consultation
    An experienced consultant meets with you face-to-face to understand the processes you want to enhance with AI.
  • Process Mapping
    We visually diagram the processes based on our discussions.
  • Alignment Check
    Collaboratively, we review and refine the diagrams, ensuring they align with your goals.
  • Building with Ergasio
    Leveraging the Ergasio platform, we turn the mapped processes into functional AI workflows.
  • Rigorous Testing
    Every solution undergoes thorough testing to ensure reliability and performance.
  • Empowerment
    We transfer control to you, enabling independent management and expansion of your AI solution.
Easy Integration

Plug your essential tools in a few clicks

In an age where flexibility and adaptability are paramount, Ergasio has been meticulously designed to embody these principles, especially when it comes to integration.

With its robust REST API infrastructure, Ergasio not only assures ease of connectivity but also fosters rapid synchronization with a myriad of external systems and platforms. Whether you're aiming to integrate proprietary software, third-party applications, or a diverse data ecosystem, Ergasio’s dynamic RESTful endpoints serve as the reliable bridge, ensuring smooth data flow and interoperability.

AI Agnostic

Harnessing best-of-breed AI LLMs

Switch2ai's core ethos revolves around delivering unparalleled AI-driven solutions. By aligning with industry-leading LLMs such as Chat-GPT, Llama2 or Anthropic, we bridge the gap between ambitious business objectives and transformative AI capabilities. Dive into a world where elite AI models augment your operations, and let Switch2ai be the conductor of that orchestration.

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